This fall Red-Kap once again helped raise $ 7500.00 for local schools through the ExxonMobil Education Alliance Program. Local Mobil stations nominate schools in their area to receive $500 grants from ExxonMobil. “We have participated in this program for several years and one of the best parts of my job is handing out $500 checks to local principals” says V.P. Jon Kaplan

February 2014 will be the fourth February in a row that Red-Kap’s stores have sold hearts for the Albany Ronald McDonald House. Tina Woodward, wife of Red-Kap driver Bob Woodward, works at the Ronald McDonald House and explained the wonderful work that they do. Since then we have run a contest between our stores in which they compete to sell the most hearts to raise money for the cause. The whole crew from the store that sells the most hearts goes out to dinner with the boss while the manager of the store that sells the least has to mind the store for the winners. Everyone has fun and this year we hope to beat the $6450. we raised last year.

Our Baldwinsville store embraced a new cause this year. They are participating in Citgo’s Shamrocks Against Dystrophy Promotion, in which they sell shamrocks to support the fight against Muscular Dystrophy. This is another great cause that we can all get behind.