Red-Kap supplies site in Delaware.

Faisal Nagi, who operates a Red-Kap supplied site at 615 Clinton Ave. in Albany, recently took over a location in Wilmington, Delaware. He was so pleased with the service he has received from Red-Kap that he wanted us to supply his new venture in Delaware. Thanks to the efforts of our salesman, Scott Quenneville, who worked hard with Faisal, Citgo, local contractors and common carriers, we began to deliver to Wilmington Delaware in November. This project has made us realize that as long as we have a supply point, we can do business almost anywhere.


Red-Kap and ExxonMobil give $5,400 to local schools.

Once again Red-Kap has partnered with the ExxonMobil Education Alliance Program.  This program will donate $2 million throughout the country by allowing Mobil and Exxon gas stations to nominate schools in their neighborhoods to receive $500 grants to be used for math and science curriculums.  Red-Kap has participated in this program for several years.

This year $500 grants were secured for nine different schools in our marketing area.  Red-Kap has gone a step further by adding $100 to each of the grants so that each school received $600 for a total of $5400.  “Handing out these checks is one of the favorite parts of my job.” says Jon Kaplan.

Red-Kap also raised $2,500 in September by donating $1 for every car that was washed in their 3 carwashes to Rotterdam Junction flood victims.  Other large contributions this year included Ellis Hospital and the Schenectady Boys and Girls Club.