Red-Kap Sales Inc. Delivering reliable, friendly service focused on our customers (no matter how large or small) for more than 75 years.

Red-Kap is a wholesale petroleum distributor and convenience store/car wash operator with corporate offices located at 1806 Erie Boulevard, Schenectady, New York.

We have a proprietary fleet of trucks driven by a team of professional drivers, and are branded distributors of nationally recognized gasoline brands such as Mobil, Sunoco and Citgo. In addition, we offer non-branded gasoline.

We also own real estate throughout the Capital Region, most of which is leased to dealers with the remaining operated by Red-Kap as gas stations and/or car washes.

On a whole, our company is committed to providing environmentally safe, state-of-the-art facilities, safe transportation and delivery of our gasoline, and superior customer experiences.

We are always looking to supply new accounts with gasoline and or diesel fuel. In addition to supply, we are interested in purchasing commercial real estate or partnering with commercial property owners in order to develop their sites.

Red-Kap Raves


Red Kap customer testimonial

“In dealing with Red-Kap over the past 14 years, I have been very satisfied with their resolution of any problems or issues that have come up. They are professional, friendly and easy to deal with. I would recommend them to any other gas station. I hope to have a lot more years with Red-Kap.”

Matt Heim, Dealer
458 North Greenbush
Rensselaer, NY